Monday, August 25

Visit our New Website -

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Thanks to so many of you that continue to check in on us here on our blogspot account. We have moved all of our up-to-date information to and are so excited to share all of the recent information about our shows, our blog, and any more Olive and Rose news including the opening of our new store with The Rusty Clover.
Check us out! Best,

Thursday, May 8

Hello from Roseville and Mes Amis Spring 2014

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We are so sorry if it seems we have neglected you on this blog.  We recently updated our sharing platform from blogger to wordpress and have been pretty busy there.  However, for those of you that follow us here, we want to thank very much!  We love all of your years of support, interest and continued enthusiasm for what we have to offer from our small corner here in Roseville.  Be sure to visit our new site,  There, we have recently posted about our trip to Texas (with more shots coming soon), news about the changes to our show (bigger and indoors), and we will be adding a lot more updates and photos on a regular basis.


I did want to share some shots from our recent Mes Amis Spring 2014 show.  I recently found out that not one but two of my lenses broke on my camera so hubby bought me a new camera phone in March.  These are just a few shots my daughter took with the phone of the show.  On our Mes Amis/Noel Facebook,  you will find a ton more.





We hope you stop by and and visit our new site. But we are very glad you came by to visit us here today. If we neglect to say it on Sunday, we hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. We know you are nurtures, caregivers, soul sisters, and dear friends to those around you. You may not feel that the label applies to you in some cases, but we know there is a nurturer inside all of you, and for that, we celebrate you on Sunday! Best, Sandy

Monday, February 17

Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show - April 26, 2014, 8am - 3pm

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We are very excited to have a full show of many of your favorite vendors returning. Our Facebook accounts, Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show or The Olive and Rose, and get updates with shots of our past show and current vendors.  As we revamp our website, our Facebook accounts will give you the eye-candy you to see from our shows and The Olive and Rose.

Interested in Becoming a Vendor at this or one of our future shows?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show or Noel - A Holiday Vintage Market.  New submissions are required for each market.  We are currently compiling waiting lists for both our Spring and Fall Mes Amis Shows.  Please let us know which show you are apply for.

The following are some of our most asked vendor questions:
Who can apply to be a vendor?   Our shows are vintage and antique markets.  We are happy to consider vendors that sell:
  • Quality merchandise, whether the merchandise is Antique (100 years +) or Vintage (30 years +).  While some vendors do share items newer than that, the booths must be comprised of 80 percent or more of quality Antique and Vintage Merchandise.
  • Vintage jewelry using vintage components.
  • Re-purposed items or recreated items made from vintage or antique salvage, architecture, etc.
  • We are currently limiting the entrance of new vendors selling items painted with new paint.  We are also limiting the entrance of new vendors selling jewelery only.  Unless these types of items make up a very very small portion of your booth, we may not have room at the shows for more painted furniture or whole jewelery booths at this time.
What our customers love: Our customers love anything Antique and Vintage; Cottage, Farmhouse, Industrial, Rustic, Primitive, Garden, Modern-Vintage, Reclaimed, French, European, Refined, Eclectic, Collections, Romantic - all for either indoor or out.

Are your Events Juried?  All of our events are Juried.  This means we carefully consider each vendor based on the quality of their merchandise, the quality of their design and the mix of their products.  Each vendor has a unique personality to offer the show and we want each vendor to succeed.  We have found, over time, that the combination of these two things - merchandise and design - are what appeals the most to our customers.  Photos showing your mix are important.

Can I share a booth with a vendor friend?  Sure.  However, there is a limit to two vendors per space and both vendors need to submit separate applications (photos, resale numbers, etc).  Both vendors must be accepted and an additional liability fee of $25 may apply to the second vendor.

We cannot wait to hear from you.  Remember, photos are a part of the application process.

Email your Name, Business Name, Resale Number and a Description of your Business and Items to: or Mail to: The Olive and Rose, 801 Pleasant Street, Roseville, CA 95678.


Friday, January 3

Bonne Annee 2014 - Big Changes Ahead....

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 I am so excited about starting a New Year with 2014. A new year always brings about the thought of fresh changes, resolutions, and re-sets. I do not usually set resolutions - I think its because I do not like change unless its something I really have planned out - the thought of doing something like resolving to make a change means that I have worked on it for a while, planned for it, worked things through and was was ready for ...I'm a planner by nature - so change, I do not take lightly. That being said, I am excited that 2014 for our business means we will see a big change. 

 It means that come Fall 2014 - we will be moving our street show
(Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show) to the Placer County Fairgrounds!!

Just 1 mile from our current Downtown block the time has come for us to grow! We will have spent 11 seasons on Oak Street where we started over 6 years ago. Since then, so many old and new vendors have crossed our paths and we always maintained a commitment to quality goods and quality vendors...we are still committed to that. But, there are so many new vendors to share and we want them to shine for you in a larger venue.

Our Spring Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show 2014 on April 26th will be our last street show on the 400 Block of Oak Street.

There are so many ways to communicate with you all though with new technologies
Facebook (Sandy Bryan, The Olive and Rose, Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show)
Instagram (sandypbryan)
Pinterest (sandypbryan)
Even this Blog

Everyone has their favorites and I have yet decided on which is mine, in fact. However, I have decided that a good old-fashioned (dare I say Vintage) website should do the trick at communicating the best with you. I am revamping that as well and you may see changes in the coming weeks on (It may look like this blog but it may change)  
At the website, you will find updates and info on the show, vendor information, hotel information, pictures, things to do, etc. when you do make it to our shows or Downtown Roseville for some Vintage Shopping for those in between seasons at the store. I look forward to sharing more with you but I do look forward to hearing from you.

If you need to reach out and need further information (remember, info is coming as quick as I can process it), I hope you know you can email me anytime at 

Until we meet again, Cheers to 2014!

Best, Sandy. 

Thursday, November 21

Its Almost Time for Noel

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This past week I couldn't sleep because I was worried about the final details, Permits, weather, work - Now I dont think I will sleep because the show starts tomorrow!! I am so excited I cant stand it. Its almost time! 
And to answer a couple of questions: Tickets will be available at the door and we will accept all forms of payment, kids under 12 are free, and parking is also free. 

Placer County Fairgrounds
800 All America City Blvd - Johnson Hall
Roseville, CA 95678

Follow the signs to Lot C = Plenty of Free Parking

See you at the Fairgrounds for Noel

Monday, September 30

Noel Holiday Market - Save the Date, November 22-23

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I can't believe I am sharing the details about Noel with you already. It seems we just celebrated our first Holiday show with you with the pouring rain outside and an amazingly great time inside. The show was amazing and we had so much fun but we clearly needed a larger space. I am so excited that we have at larger (almost double) venue (and almost double the vendors) here in Roseville just 1 mile from our easy to find Mes Amis show.   The Show is November 22nd & November 23rd.

Here are just a few of the images from our last show.

As time goes along, I will continue to share more of our talented vendors with you.  In the meantime, here are some of the details of the show.

Our festivities begin at 5pm Friday Night, November 22nd.
Priority Shopping Tickets are now on sale on this website for $10 and includes admission into Saturdays show as well.
Friday night is the perfect evening for a date night, girls night out, or scoping out the show for holiday gifts or items for the holiday home decorating for picking up and fine tuning on Saturday.
Friday night will include Live Music and our No-Host Bar with the party ending at 9pm.

On Saturday, the tickets are only $5 and the show opens at 9am and will end at 3pm.  (A Friday evening ticket includes the price of Saturday admission).
There is plenty of free parking and our hall is easy to find.

Noel - A Vintage Holiday Market
800 All America Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678
Johnson Hall

Ticket Buyers who purchase their Noel Tickets prior to November 22nd will be entered to win a signed copy of the newest Vintage by Nina: Among Vintage and Friends

For Additional Show information, please contact
Sandy Bryan of The Olive and Rose at 916-206-9144.

Tuesday, August 20

Junking with my Kiddlet

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I had to pick up some items this morning that wouldn't fit in the truck on Saturday mornings jaunt. My daughter, Faith, joined me for our early morning drive accompanied my the sunrise. We just had to share some of our pictures. 

Loved this shot from Google maps of our drive, what a great app!

A Junkers commute.

Here is the snapshot of the back seat. All these goodies will be at the shop just in time for Mes Amis, September 21.

See you on the road!