Sunday, July 31

A Trip to Napa

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Yesterday, I had an appointment to deliver furniture to a customer in the Napa Valley area. Not wanting to waste the day, hubby and I left at 7:30am for the beautiful drive to wonderful wine country. I was very excited to leave the Sacramento valley triple digit heat for the day and was really looking forward to the cooler double digit comfort.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but encouraged by my friend Courtney recently, I resorted to using my cell phone for pix.  On the early morning drive, I was happy to see the fog over the Napa Valley Hills.

Its fun to have a new destination when going to a familiar place. I enjoyed driving through country, towards Lake Berryessa, and seeing homes, barns and land that I don't usually get to see here in Roseville. Of course, along the way - there were tons of Garage Sale signs but having an appointment, we had to leave the goodies for others. After seeing Mary and her beautiful gardens, we were on our way to one of our favorite Saturday morning Napa destinations - Oxbow Market on First Street.

We purchased Mexican Coffees from C-Casa, then wandered outside for fresh flowers, eggs, and whatever goodies there may be from the weekly vendors. I loved finding the little potato from our egg vendor that was shaped like a heart. I had to snap a shot.

From here, we just wandered through to Downtown Napa...lots of antiquing and shopping in two different parts of the area..the older downtown district and the waterfront. Whatever your mood, there is something to do in each. We decided to have breakfast and do some antiquing Downtown before heading to St. Helena.

Here we needed to get hubby his favorite handcreme, actually called Hoof Creme, from St. Helena Olive Oil Co.. He swears by it and uses it every night. I love the olive oils - the selection is amazing. (Did I mention we are foodies when we go to Napa?)

Finally, we made our way to the ultimate foodie destination - Dean & Deluca. There are only 5 locations in the country and we are lucky to have been to 2 of them. Its a great place to get your fix on fine foods, unique salts, cheeses, chocolates, wines, sauces - or anything else to do excellent cooking and baking. If anyone knows my hubby, this is his heaven. And the kids are foodies themselves so we bought them cheese as souveniers. Oh, and Carlos Santana stopped in to get a sandwich. That was kind of cool, too!  By the time we got there, I had a sweet tooth.  Check out the selection of gums, or the huge slabs of Guittard Chocolate - in a variety of selections.

From here we made our way to Downtown St. Helena.  This time, we were early enough to enjoy all the shops including a visit to a Napa Valley Vintage Home , Vintage Trunk, Baksheesh Fair Trade Co., and a great Antique Shop whose name completely eludes me right now, really neat European antiques right on Main Street.

I hope you enjoyed our journey.  For me, it was quite a full and relaxing day and I cannot wait to head back, hopefully once more before the start of the kids school year.

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  1. What an absolutely fabulous day!!! My hubby is always telling me, why do you bring your camera, you have your phone, LOL. Force of habit :)


  2. woo-Hoo! Fun, Fun, Fun!! xox,di

  3. This is my kind of day! Full of antiques, food, antiques, and more food. Thanks for sharing your adventure:-)

  4. What a fun day! The photos are very beautiful! It's good that you were able to combine work with a little fun! See you in a few days. I have been getting to know Diana via Facebook and understand you two are doing a show together. How cool!


  5. Sounds like it was a very busy and fun day. Always good to hear from you.


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