Thursday, August 11


Pin It Not having a retails store would make one think I don't need to buy anything, but that is not the case. Its the reason I got into the business in the first place - too many wonderful things were coming across my path and I just had to share. I thought I would create postings where I would share snippets of things I have come across the past week. Just a few of the details that forced me to buy them.

I love books - especially any with my two favorite colors:  Black and Gold

Love having bathroom books - the blue one is titled, HYGIENE...

Pretty Old Box...any hardware will do

Slow reveal....this is a great find!

To be converted....I love chairs with curves.

To be determined...



  1. FUN!! There are many of us who post our finds, it is definitely a source of inspiration!

    Love those frames! I have one that has a mirror in it, need to remove the mirror and add some burlap, making it into a bulletin board. Of course that and many other things are on the ever growing to-do list, LOL

  2. Yey! I'm the first to comment! What do I get? Nice music Amore Mio!


  3. Sandy....are you going to be selling???
    let us know when and where!
    Hope all is going swell

    T & L

  4. Hey Sandy- Love your snippets and can't wait to see what some of them turn into! It's going to be a busy week this week- but Friday could work as long as we get together early- Fridays are 1/2 days!!! Chat soon~ thanks for joining in the party this week! :) Hugs & love, Courtney


Thanks so much for sharing your message. Means alot that you took the time!