Tuesday, September 13

REPOST: The Mes Amis Fall Show Line-Up...

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Its been a crazy six weeks since I committed to my vendors and made this show a go!  Within 4 weeks, we were sold out!  I am so proud to say that with their full support and enthusiasm, this show belongs to them and its the reason the show is called Mes Amis (pronounced mez amee).  As you may or may not know, Mes Amis is the french plural word for my friends and so its only fitting that this show is dedicated and named entirely after them.
For those friends new to The Olive and Rose and Mes Amis, and not familiar with the Downtown Roseville shows from the past, the vendors of Mes Amis are hand selected because they are not just excellent and friendly vendors with the best stuff around, they are the best at what they do.
 Take my friends Jacque and James of Old Soul Studios for example.  They are creative beyond belief with their metal work from making The Original Spoon Tags out of discarded flatware to large orbs and crowns from metal straps!  Their art is located all around the country.  Then there is Garrett Platanitis of Platanitis Home & Garden.  He happens to find the best vintage and antique home decor from around Northern California and every piece somehow seems to fit perfectly in any room in your house - whether its a large numbered cupboard for the kitchen, small oil painting for the bathroom, or a perfectly upholstered burlap chair he has recovered himself.  He will there with the creative minds behind The Rusty Clover - my friends Katy Halligan and Colette Miller.  I cannot wait to see what the trio will be bringing to Roseville!

 The Bricoleurs also have that talent.  Scouring the coast and freshly back from their cross country summer trip, they have told me they have saved their best finds for Mes Amis - they love collections, bottles, baskets, linens, and unusual vintage bigs and smalls.  Who knows what they brought back in that huge trailer of theirs.  And speaking of trailer, how about our friend from Idaho, bringing her newly refurbished trailer down for its debut show, Robin from Lipstick Gypsy.  So honored she is bringing down her baby dolled up and selling her art, antiques, and amazing vintage inspired art recently featured at the Shelton wedding!
 My good friend and paper artist Diana of Di4Art inspires everyone with her talented fingers selling her paper art - whether it be crowns, hand painted fishing weights or new items she is saving for the show!  She along with Mona, of Gatherings and Randy will combine to make a space filled with unique vintage inspired treasures that are always so eclectic.  Speaking of eclectic and vintage treasures, I am so glad my friend Elizabeth Dain is collecting to sell.  She has always had a keen sense for both modern and vintage and knows how to select just the perfect mix of items to share to customers!  Crystal Young is joining the family for the first time...she always has a beautiful range of old and older that pulls me in to buy.  Along those lines is Betty Vasquez, returning after her injury, with a similar mix of unique antique and vintage curiosities.  I recently saw her space at a show and fell in love with several items before I realized it was Betty's booth.  So glad she is back in the circuit and back in the show!!
Back again as well with blends of selected finds both large and small are Sunshine Petals and Design, Antique Annie, Trish Everett, Nancy Guin, Popcorn Tree and Vintage Lillie.  Each have their own perspectives on vintage and antique and, in their malls and shops, each are excellent sellers!  I am honored they are returning again and setting aside their best stuff for the show!  Thanks to shop owners Jim Anderson of Jims Antiques Junk, Bobby Eddy of Not To Shabby - Folsom, and the Hopskinds of The Red Door Elk Grove for coming out and selling again!
Mes Amis will also share the best creative vintage inspired jewelers - returning for their 5th shows are My Salvaged Treasures & Annette Eagle Designs, Sweet Silver, and The Vintage Empire from Reno.  These girls are best sellers at the show but we want to welcome for the first time artist Patrice from Objet Trouve Jewelry for her first time!  All of these artists only use re-purposed items for their art!!  Come support them.
 And the creative bunch continues - Nancy Okey with her decades in the business specializing in garden art - either found or created.  She is always a hit!  How about Heather and Lisa, new to the show but not to the business of picking and traveling to find the best stuff.  Welcome girls to the Mes Amis family.  And another new family member I am excited to bring is Tami of Patina Decorative Finishes.  Along with wonderful found vintage and antique furnishings, as a rep, Tami will be supplying customers with the popular Annie Sloan Paint that so many people have been dying to get their brushes on!!!  It will be available at Mes Amis - no shipping necessary!!!  Then there is Pam Dart - the networking genius and creative mind behind Warm Hugs Designs..her enthusiasm has been so helpful!  And Connie Adams once again will be joining us with her found collectibles that always seem to be a hit.
For the refined and polished furnishings, I can always count on my friends from Sekulas and Richters Antiques.  Both in the business for decades as well, these vendors have a wealth of knowledge in the antique industry and I am honored that they are a part of the Mes Amis family.

Come join our family of friends - September 17th starting at 8am!!!   Of course, get fresh coffee or pastry from our vendor Shady Coffee and Tea.  If you decide to have a meal later in the day, Daves Dawgs would love to have you stop by!  Music by Frankie and Dad...And, look for me in my white vintage trailer!

See you soon!

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  1. I am SO excited. I've always missed your shows because I've been on Sutter Street for five years and your shows have been on the same date. SO thrilled you will be doing Saturday so I can be there. We can't wait to share our fabulous treasures and I'm sure we will be bringing home goodies from all the other vendors too. Gotta go paint.....


Thanks so much for sharing your message. Means alot that you took the time!