Sunday, December 16

Christmas Tree Farm Day

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This year, our family decided on a real Christmas tree. For years, we have had artificial trees including our aluminum tree.  None of us could remember the reason why we had artificial trees for so long though I suspect it was a pet issue that had developed over time. With our beloved marking pet having passed away and inspiration from our visit to our Noel Holiday Market vendor, Harris Tree Farm, we decided to take a trip up to Pollock Pines, with Grandpa, and pick up on an old tradition.

With 7 generations of experience, the family makes the process pretty simple: figure out the type of tree you want (160 acres of forest), grab a saw and 6' stick for measuring, and walk the forest.  Trees are sold by the foot.

Loved this board defining the variety of available trees.

Tons of saws to use.
Faith and Grandpa take time to pose.
 Had to cry when Faith mentioned that Tori may be away at college this time next year.  Can't believe how fast time flies.

With the tree found, it was time for Mark to cut.
I love this photo of Mark and Tori walking the tree back to the farm with our tree.

My goofy girls untangling themselves from the lights.

New Ornaments mix with my vintage shiny brites.

After a day or two, our family Christmas Tree 2012 was done.  I really loved working with fresh greenery this year.  Look for my next post and the rest of the house trimmed in Holiday.



  1. OK Sold! I am on my way to purchase a real tree. Love the pics Sandy.

  2. Love this story and your tree! Thanks for sharing for our Home for the Holidays party! Merry Christmas!


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