Friday, January 25

Photography Workshop

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I took a photography workshop this past weekend and was so excited.  Having purchased the camera earlier in the fall, I tinkered and played with all the buttons without really delving into the whys and what-nots of what they all mean. Subsequently, I changed settings without knowing it. 
At the encouragement of my husband and friends at French Country Cottage and Mammabellarte,  I found a class (via Groupon), “ Introductory to Digital Photography” available here in Sacramento by McKay Photography.
If anyone has a simple or not-so-simple camera (we had all ranges in our class – some of which barely used their cameras for fear of all the buttons) and use the AUTO function, take the time to invest in a class (my Groupon cost was $59).  We were taught to shoot in Manual setting – totally get it now!  We learned what all the buttons on the camera meant, what a good setting would be for our own needs (nature? portraits? outdoor? kids?).  It was definitely worth every penny.  Above are just 3 shots that I took of the house as soon as I got home (unedited)!  So much better than my shots prior:
Can you see the difference?  I learned so much about lighting.  Cant wait to play and share more with you all.
Hope you have an inspired week!


  1. Great job on the newest photos. They look great!

  2. Hi Sandy,
    I found your blog through the comment you left on mine. I got a new camera for Christmas and I've been looking for a digital class to take. I don't have a clue how to use the manual settings yet so it was good to read that a class really helps. Love your pictures!

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Thanks so much for sharing your message. Means alot that you took the time!