Tuesday, February 19

Happy Belated Bday Eva!

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Miss Gabor would have celebrated her birthday on February 11th
I will always remember Eva Gabor as the witty and glamourous Lisa Douglas, wife of Oliver, on Green Acres. Before there the Real Housewives of Pick-A-City, "Lisa" had no problem digging and living the dream on their farm - always dressed her best, classy to the strangers that came to her door, and helping her mate who shared overwhelming enthusiasm and passion for their lives in the country! I loved how she dug in always looking so pulled together - those of us who are junkers know its not possible to keep mud off of your boots, or dirt from your finger nails - but there is nothing like a rhinestone brooch or flip of the collar that makes you feel extra-pretty in the process!

I hope you think of "Lisa" when you are off on your next junking journey!

Rest In Peace Eva: 1919-1995


  1. She was so gorgeous, I loved that show growing up. I'm smiling just thinking about it...

  2. Oh I didn't realize her Birthday was Feb 11th, same as my little grandson's

    I loved the show Green acres, so funny


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