Monday, April 1

Our Spring Wisteria Tree

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This spring seemed to approach so quickly. I am not one who wishes one season away with the hopes of another so I was really surprised when Spring officially sprung upon me a couple of weeks ago.

Around here, spring is usually evident by the blooms around the house. At my home, the strongest evidence is our wisteria tree. When we moved into our home 10 years ago, we inherited this tree. Our house was built in 1942 though I am not sure when the wisteria was originally planted. What I do know is that at some point, Mr. Morales (the original home builder and seller of the home) had to create a post and hoop to support the blooms.

I love its effect. And the tree blooms several times per year. My daughter Faith, from The Dainty Adventures, took these shots last week. I hope your spring is blooming well so far! Best, Sandy

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