Wednesday, July 24

Summer Wedding in Grass Valley

Pin It This past weekend we were so excited to see our cousin Frankie (or Frank Charles to some) celebrate his wedding to his new bride Ashley. I have known Frankie since he was about 11 or 12 as he is actually my hubbys cousin...having seen him grow up has been really fun and I love him like a brother.
The wedding was at a place in Grass Valley called Squirrel Creek Ranch. I have heard of this wedding venue before it being about 40 minutes from my home here in Roseville. I was really happy to finally get the chance to make the drive over and celebrate with family. Recently, our gatherings have not been so wonderful with both of my hubbys grandparents joining in heaven last year after over 60 years of marriage. The venue was very beautiful: a tin barn with open gaps, a cabin for bride and groom suite, and a large picnic area near a creek. We were a little hot it being 95 degrees that day and it was fun running from picnic table to picnic table with the sun chasing our backs. But having grass under toe and trees above makes you feel cooler and we were grateful we weren't in Roseville where it was even warmer.
The best part of weddings as you know - FAMILY. My husband comes from a larger family than I do so to see cousins we hadnt seen in a while is always so much fun for me, being the more social part of the half.
With cousins only, it was great to share stories of the new generation of kids coming up. We are so excited to possibly have a Cousins Christmas this year. We have been wanting to this since the last gathering - hopefully, this is will be Year 1!
My daughter Faith and Cousins David and Rachel and daughter Tori
Frankie and My daughter Tori

My daughters Tori and Faith, and hubbys cousins Frankie and G
I hope your summer is going well.  This summer has been so jam packed.  We have had wonderful chances to visit friends in Santa Cruz (next posting), tomorrow we leave to see more friends in Rainbow, had several road trips for some good junk with my friend Katy (follow my business FB - The Olive and Rose for the "daily" run downs), and a ton of time with the my Tori preparing for college, driving lessons, and job searches, and lots and lots of time planning the upcoming shows.  In a nut shell - awesome!!!

Have a fantastic rest of it!  Here's to seeing the rest of summer move like molasses!

Best,  Sandy

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