Thursday, October 6

Mes Amis Fall 2011 Show - Part 1: The Bloggers Perspective

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This post is long overdue! I jumped immediately from producing this show to preparing to sell at another which I am leaving for in less than an hour. I still have to pack but I cannot let the other show start without sharing the fun we had at the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show here in Roseville a few weeks ago.

I was thrilled to have so many bloggers tell me they would be attending so I created a blogger badge for them to wear, as a thank you for taking shots and eventually sharing with us, their perspective of the show. This post will honor those that let me know their photos were up and so if I neglected to share your post, let me know. I will have 2 other postings related from 2 other perspectives!!

Thanks to:  Courtney, French Country Cottage for all your friendship for the past how many years now?  And all the fun shopping, sharing and bonding!!  The shots are awesome!  Marsha, of Sassy Mini Dolls, my newest blogger friend and former customer that gave me lots of advise and cheer in getting this blog, show and Facebook going! Betsy from MySalvagedTreasures who I have known the longest in this roll and I bought my first wholesale lot from when I started in this business!!  To Robin from Lipstick Gypsy who drove all the way from Idaho because she said she would, despite the crazy days leading up to the show and my new friend Lisa, from Treasure Broker, who did 2 big shows back to back because she loves what she does so much!
To these friends of Mes Amis and many more that I neglected to share their pictures from, thanks so much for taking the time to be a part, taking the time and going the extra mile!  And to the bloggers that were toooooooo busy selling to take pictures, your support means everything to my family!  I plan on sharing more photos from Ashton and Collette, their perspectives are much different!!  Cant wait!

Thanks again for a wonderful turnout. We all had a blast from 3am - 10pm for some of us!! See you in the Spring!



  1. Hi Sandy!!

    Ahhh, it seems like it was so long ago, doesn't it?!?! LOL, girl, you are one year ahead, you have 2012 in your title :)

    I hope you have a grand time this weekend at Remnants (that's a tough word to spell ha ha ha)


  2. These photos confirm for me that I missed a great event. I'll be there in the spring.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you at ROTP. Promises to be a great antique lover's weekend! xo Lidy

  4. It was a grand ol' time indeed! So much fun Sandy, thanks to you and your wonderful team. I was so happy to be part of your very first Mes Amis and look forward to many more. Hope you have a great time this weekend.


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