Friday, November 4

Mes Amis Fall Show - Part 2: Colette Miller Perspective

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My friend Colette Miller, of The Waiting Room in Vacaville, has a great eye for Vintage Style both in her booth at Alameda and Remnants of the Past(with Katy of Rusty Clover), and her little store in Vacaville. I asked her if she would take some shots of the Mes Amis Show in the fall because I love how she photographs and puts things together. No matter the objects, her photos always inspire me! I hope you enjoy...she is one amazing designer and photographer! Thanks Colette!!



  1. Sandy, It was so good to see more pics of the show. It was such a good time together. I can't wait for the Spring one. Terry

  2. I love it!!! Looks great! <3

  3. Beautiful pictures. Makes me feel good to be able to re-visit such a beautiful day.

  4. Colette's photos are wonderful. Sandy, the show looks amazing. I can't wait to be at the next one.


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