Saturday, November 5

Elizabeth Taylors Estate

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Came across an article today in Architectual Digest. It was of Elizabeth Taylors estate. I am not sure if the article was old or new.
Its fun for me to get this magazine every once in a while. In the past, I have enjoyed the launch of Ralph Laurens newest store or Cher's home in LA. Even Gerard Butlers home - he has amazing taste supported by none other than reality star designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.
Regardless, Elizabeth Taylor - an icon (obviously) has a home worth sharing. Well edited, beautiful art, and I love her colorful daywear draped in the bathroom.


(click here)
Visiting Elizabeth Taylor’s Bel Air Estate Homes:


  1. This article was fun to look at. I did get a little tired of powder blue after awhile though. The gardens were beautiful!

  2. Thanks Robin. I somewhat agree. I think thats why I liked the dressing room area as it was less about the blue...glad you stopped by!


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