Friday, December 9

Visit Atelier de Campagne at The Sacramento Antique Faire

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Many of you only get to see the wonder of Atelier de Campagne on Facebook or their blog as they sell out of the Santa Cruz area or markets around California, the closest being Alameda. This Sunday, Trinidad and Martin (Johan is in Belgium) will be at the Sacramento Antique Faire, space N4.

If you don't know the boys already (Trinidad, Martin and Johan), they have an amazing business importing European Antiques from France, Belgium, and other markets along the countrysides of Europe with Johan scouting for goods full time. Twice a year, they have container sales (most recently this past fall) where they reveal the items Johan has shipped over and sell them at amazing value.

Throughout the year, Martin and Trinidad work the business, designing and selling the antiques to their West Coast clients. Their closest selling market is Antiques by the Bay in Alameda. However, they have decided to come to the Sacramento Antique Faire this Sunday, December 12th in space N-4 (along the wall that parallels 22nd Street). Such a winter treat!

Stop by and visit them, support them, and enjoy the beauty they will bring you!



  1. Sandy you are just pure LOVE!!! I am so moved...looking forward to seeing you! What a holiday present for us! Love ya!

    Trinidad, Johan and Martin

  2. Beautiful Sandy!! Would love to visit this store one of these days. Love Love the first picture. Ciao


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