Monday, May 28

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I am so glad to finally share my thanks and photos from the most recent Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show. Held just about a month ago here, we had a ton of fun and a great crowd!!! The vendors poured their hearts into their booths and created such amazing spaces filled with their best!

I am also very grateful to my friend Casey Haynes who took the shots this Spring. One of Sacramento's top photographers, she was taking shots in the morning when the booths were fresh and full! Great job Casey!
A special thanks to our new live music band too! Thomas and Plecker played the show this time around and were an instant hit.
For the vendors that could not make it out of their booths, many thought the band was recorded music. For those of us that got to see them play, the swooners stole our heart! I expect them to be a permanent part of Mes Amis. Thanks guys so much for adding a special touch to the show!

Another thanks needs to go to Michelle at the Favor Box Bakery. As a vendor treat, Mark made about 100 cupcakes for the vendors, vendor guests, band and porters. We wanted sweet packaging for them this time around and Michelle did an amazing job with her sweet boxes!! Too sweet, we tore thru them and forgot to take a shot....check her site out! Amazing detailed work!

Another thanks needs to go to our porters. These kids worked their hearts out to make sure the vendors were unloaded easily, and more importantly, loaded after a long day of hard-work.
My heart needs to reach out and thank most of all my family. They are here behind the scenes constantly helping produce the show. Working along side me, my family works every part of the show as well. While Mark does not like to be seen, he is there producing action reports, marking the streets with me, directing the traffic flow at 4am, making 100 cupcakes or all the food for our vendor dinner, and soooo much more. The kids are also here, dying tags and linens, moving or scrubbing furniture, stamping envelopes, printing documents or taking photos! My sister who does the marketing, moving, running and setting up. Their work is always seen and they deserve so much credit!!!
Mark marking spots on the Plaza
Kids gluing paper for walls.
My baby sister Michelle.
Until we meet again this fall for our next Mes Amis Show, September 15th to be exact!!! And don't forget...I'm working on a new show for the winter - indoors and just as lovely, Noel!  Stay tuned for details as they come...



  1. looks like it was a fabulous event...and you are very generous and appreciative with your thanks...I'm sure everyone involved will be pleased!

  2. It was another awesome Mes Amis show. Ooh, I'm looking forward to hearing all the details about your new show. Indoors sounds wonderful. Thanks Sandy:-)

  3. Oh Sandy it was wonderful. I just called my daughter to make sure she has it on her calendar for Sept. She did. We'll shop for a birthday gift for her. Thanks to you and to your sweet family and to all the vendors and others involved. I love your show and the beautiful street you are on. I'm so looking forward to the next one.

  4. It was great to be a part of it Sandy! Thanks for having me :)

  5. This looks like my kind of show Sandy. I'll be there in September with bells on to check it out for myself. So nice to meet you today at the French Nest.
    Mary Jane


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