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Remnants of the Past - Spring 2012

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I cannot believe that its been just a month since, Mark, the kids and I were returned from one of the best shows in the country.  Being a show producer myself, its inspiring to see that a show can grow and evolve without loosing any of its quality or integrity. Judy inspires me greatly in this respect and I tell her that as much as I can.
Kids, packed in the car tightly with the merchandise
Madonna Inn Expo Center up on the Hill
We set off for the 6 hour journey to Remnants Thursday morning but the four of us (myself, hubby and our two daughters) were already there mentally. Our family had been preparing for months - setting up in the backyard, making walls, pricing, scrubbing and most fun of all, shopping! Thanks to Zizi Ukestead of The Green Mum for her sleepovers and shopping trips. We had way too much fun! First destination - Remnants to unload! Upon arrival, we had to wait our turn to unload so I jumped out of the car and ran to my friends Katy Halligan of Rusty Clover and Colette Miller of The Waiting Room who were unloaded, and setting up already!
Unloading Day
Thrilling, beautiful, inspiring - they got my engines revved up; we were ready to start!
We finally got to unload, set up our walls and tables, and then at closing time (luckily we had an early break at 5), we were off to the Downtown San Luis Obispo Farmers Market. A large farmers market, we walked, shopped, bought flowers, and had a great dinner. Then a trip to BubbleGum Alley!
Kids admiring the ART in Bubblegum Alley, Santa Cruz
Mark and Tori during Set Up
I am so glad Trino made it inside for photos...we sadly did not capture any of the amazing vendors set up outside.

 Friday, the booth dressing began.  This is where the magic begins to unfold and probably my favorite day in the show.  All the vendors are there but you get to see the booths unfold watching the care A Beautiful Mess puts into raising the roof on their structure inside the hall, or seeing that huge vintage fiberglass cow being rolled in - is that for sale?  Johan of Atelier de Campagne painstakingly developing his booth with such care and detail.  Jim and Debbie from Ormolulu raising the letters that we so eagerly look for each show.  Its seeing the artists at work, painting their large empty palettes (aka booths) to reveal things of beauty by days end.....I love this day the most!

Saturday morning, we set off in the morning fog to our location - I was so excited to see old customers and friends, and make new ones.

Fresh Grass!
I wish I knew whose booth this was - I loved the natural elements!

Platanitis Home and Queen of Tarte
Tim and Lisa, Blue Canoe Reloaded

Selling is also one of my favorite parts of this show and probably one of the things I miss most about not having the shop anymore.  As we began to make our final preparations, fine tuning the flowers, etc, I was so honored to have on of my favorite designers walk in and want to take pictures of my booth for her blog.  I had seen Brooke Giannetti the prior show, but I didnt recognize her with her new haircut.  "Of course you can take pictures...whats your blog?, "I asked her.  "Velvet and Linen".  Duh, I only have had this on my blogroll for years....Then I began to fumble and sputter..I was so honored to have her want to take pictures of my space to share with her readers.  Here is the link to her blog, Velvet and Linen and the article.  That was how my Saturday at Remnants began!!!!  I was so glad to get this picture of us.  I even called my mom who at Mothers Day had given me her latest book, Patine Style.  Its a must have for your library!
The day came and went quickly.  Remnants draws an amazing crowd and we had very little time for picture taking. 

My booth Saturday
By Sunday, we knew the party was going to end. We were prepped for a great day of friend finding again - I got to meet Timi Weathers from Washington among my newest friends!  Thats another story on our first encounter with eachother, and really funny!  Our space was quite empty by then so it was fun to do a quick re-do along with alot of other vendors but it was a great selling day and lots of fun shopping was still to be had for customers, and vendors alike!

By the time pack up was over, the friendships I had made had been forged, I got phone numbers from my new friends, and shared lots of hugs with those that I knew I wouldn't see until the October show.  We were exhausted but didn't want to go home - Remnants does that to you, it makes you want to stay in the dream forever despite the war wounds we receive along the way to creating our spaces....
Thanks so much to Judy, Steve, Ryan and Devin - and the entire Remnants family for hosting, once again - one of THE BEST SHOWS in the country.  Its an honor to be invited back time again.
To win an entry into her next show October 20-21, click here:  Win a Trip October 20-21, Remnants of the Past.



  1. Hi Sandy,

    I found your blog from your comment on the Roseville Patch about the new Los Cerritos Free Libraries - I'm a Los Cerritos resident too. I saw the FB photo and recognized you from when I shopped at The Tattered House - I miss that place so much! Although it's probably better for safety that I am not slowing down and rubbernecking out my window as I drive down Oak. The new business there is cool but does not have the same knack for window dressing and staging that you did.

    I first stopped in Tattered House back when we bought our house in Los Cerritos in 2008 (before my daughter was born, so a whole different lifetime ago!) - I bought you out of about 12 rolls of Cavalli paper in a beautiful robin's egg blue background with deep pink flowers and birdcages with gold outlines, which ended up being the basis for decorating the entire living room. (I don't expect you to remember this, just reminiscing) I told you that I had just bought a house in the neighborhood and you told me all about the great local stuff like Nubbins (which was still closed then) and the Santa Parade which I really appreciated! I'm so glad I found this blog to follow your shows.

    Anyway, I started a blog about a month ago for me and my 2.5 year old daughter at I'm going to link to your blog on mine - come check it out if you are interested -I knew absolutely nothing about how to work Blogger before I started, so I'm proud of the stuff I did figure out but it's definitely a work-in-progress. I'm hoping to focus on a lot more local Roseville stuff as I go on and get the hang of it.

    Maybe we will run into each other at one of the free libraries sometime!


  2. So happy to find your blog and can't wait to see the photos Courtney is snapping.

    Greetings from the Brocantes of France!!!!

  3. Very nice blog, thanks for your generous info. More power to you!


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