Monday, September 10

Mes Amis Fall 2012 Line-Up

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I am so excited about this upcoming Fall Show. Maybe its because the change from summer to fall really sets the stage for its own announcement that something fresh is coming; maybe its because so many people are talking about pumpkins on Facebook! Regardless, the Fall Show is this weekend and all of the vendors are working really hard to get things pulled together this last week! I know one vendor told me she is leaving the state to get more goodies! We are so excited to have so many vendors returning again..but are blessed to have so many new faces joining our Mes Amis family.

This fall, I am so excited that you will see:
Lipstick Gypsy - all the way again from Idaho
Annette Eagle 
Rusty Clover
Nesting of Two Birds
Glorie by Mary Salaber
Tina Wade
Nest by Pauline Walston
Connie Adams
Tricia Everett
The Red Door
Popcorn Tree
The Antique Gardener
Richters Antiques
Daisy Girl by Cori Schrader
Penne Setzer
Nancy Okey Designs
Crystal Young
David & Helen Bustos
Not Too Shabby
Burlap & Bees by Heather and Lisa
Steve Sheridan
Antique Annie
Gatherings by Mona Clevenger
Randy Pacheco
Elizabeth Dain Interior Designs
Maison Living by Donna and Ashley Chettle
Magnolia Street Designs by Debbie N. and Tanya A.
Roma Brandon
Figgy & Flax by Ashley and Heather
Clover & Carriage
Kelly New
Gretchen Hakala
Nancy Guin

Coffee and Food by Shady Coffee and Tea
Music and Entertainment by Derek Thomas

We look forward to see you here Saturday and being a part of our Mes Amis Family for the day!



  1. I'm getting excited Sandy. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Had a great time at the sale!! This was my first time shopping there, but I will be back! I bought several pieces from Miss Betsy, too.

    Thanks for a lovely day to all!

    Modesto, Cal.


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