Tuesday, February 14

Heading to Alameda!

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My close friends Teri and Mary are having a fun way of celebrating Mary's birthday. They will be having a sale in Alameda this week! Teri, blogger extraordinaire and proprietress of La Dolfina, will be hosting her first Prop Shop Sale this weekend starting on Thursday morning!
I've been so busy at work and when I saw the date come up, I knew it was the perfect time to catch up and get-away with Faith (my daughter). It won't be our first sleep over at Teri's, and her and Chris are such a wonderful hosts. While we will be there to help, we will definitely be having a ton of much needed girls time with Teri and Mary.

So we are wanting to make sure that you are all in on the secret. This sale is private but Teri wanted to be sure that friends of The Olive and Rose were able to attend. Please CLICK HERE for Teri's latest blog post on the her preparations! Let her know I sent you and she will be sure to get you the address.

We look forward to seeing you! Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Hi Sandy~ I stopped by and followed La Dolfina and told her you sent me! :) Looking forward to seeing you again soon ~xoxox, Courtney

  2. So jealous! Have a great time!! :-) Andrea


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