Thursday, April 5

Pinterest over Blogging - My Confession

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Its been several months since I've written and I must admit that I had fallen victim to two illnesses since my last post: 1. A legitimate, bona-fide, antibiotic and curable "flu", and 2. Pinterest (click here to go to my boards)! Yes, I will admit that I succumbed, when I was ill, to the ease of pinning over blogging, and quite frankly, found it an instant way of visually communicating ME with everyone. You see, when the shop closed, it was the visual expression I missed alot - staging, painting, moving, stacking, stuffing, creating. Pinning gave me that sort of buzz!

But, alas, Pinning does not offer something blogging can:.....sharing. For me, when I started this blog, I had promised to inspire and share. I hope I do that with my pinterest, I hope I inform you with my Facebook ( and twitter (!/sandybryan), and most importantly, in person.  Whether I run into you antiquing, at the mall, or a restaurant - as always, you know I am always ready to share with you!!!

Be patient with me.....Good things are coming!!!



  1. Hi Sandy!!
    Can't wait to chat with you and catch up!!! xoxox, Courtney

  2. So sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. I'm sure you got a good dose of inspiration medicine through Pinterest. Looking forward to the show...just two weeks away!


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